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Hi, guys! We're both sorry that it's taken so long to get the community restarted. Health issues as such. To make up for the lost time, we're going to offer requests as our very first post.

This is Saku. :D I specialize in anime and manga images. The first 10 to comment and choose my work can either put one large image for me to colour for a banner, profile image, or other; or you can give two images to be coloured and iconned. Anime screenshots are two icons as well!


Hi this is Pat!<3 My specialty is live action icons, that is movies, tv, ect. I have not learned how to do animated icons yet but I hope to learn soon enough. Another specialty of mine is text only icons with quotes or such. Those are my best work. You can request and get two of either kind. No banners here, I apologize. First 10 to choose my work will be able to request!


You can only request from one of us, to be fair. Please put both links to your images if it is not a text icon and the name of who you've chosen.

And... go? :D


Can I reserve a spot with Saku for a profile image and come back with the image when I get in from work?!~~♥


I am officially the most indecisive person in the entire world. I am struggling to decide what image i want to be used for the profile image, so i am going to link both here and you can choose which ever you feel would work best.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Picture one is the main image on the left hand side.
Picture two is the top image on the left hand side.

Colour references can be found here and here and also my current icon! XD


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Wow, that is some pretty art. I'll get to work soon.:D

You're welcome~
Yeah, the entire manga is filled with really pretty art!

Thank you and have fun!~♥
It's really sweet when you guys do things like this for people. And you do such fabulous work too!