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Two felines with creativity? See what they can make!

This is the graphics journal belonging to razzberridust and hautalken.


1. If you take any graphics from a post, comment to that post and state what you are taking.
2. Credit nyonyo_icons when taking any graphics
3. No hotlinking
4. Do not edit any material that this comm provides unless stated otherwise.

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The Two Felines of Nyonyo

razzberridust is the founder and original owner of Nyonyo. She has been making graphics since 2007 and most commonly makes icons, signatures and headers. Her posting habits are usually monthly for big icon dumps, but will post more often when it comes to icon challenges.

hautalken is the kitty in chief between the duo. She has been making graphics since 2006(?) which were mainly signatures, but is only recently getting into the icon biz thus joining Nyonyo. Her posts are more frequent with icons since she's constantly experimenting and loves to share.

♥ profile layout by papersugar, stylesheet by milou_veronica, profile/layout headers by razzberridust